Prolyte Products Group B.V.

Major truss manufacturers join forces

PLASA 2010 sees the announcement of the merger of two of the strongest names in the trussing and staging industry; Prolyte Products Group, based in the Netherlands, and UK-based Litestructures.
Both companies represent the cutting edge in professional truss and staging systems, each with their own strengths and specialities, their drive for high quality products and innovative design making them a natural fit. This merger will create a new organization that is stronger in every sense and is set to become a dominant force in the industry in terms of size, product range, resources and, crucially, sales force.
This in turn will open up new market opportunities in and outside the fields that both companies have served up until now. Based on brand strengths and fuelled by innovative force and an excellent skills base, the combined teams of Prolyte and Litestructures are ready to redefine market expectations.The new, merged company will operate under the banner of Prolyte Products Group.
From an operational point of view, the Wakefield office will be run by Managing Director Lee Brooks who will benefit from a strengthened management team to enhance the sales and distribution in the UK market across all brands. The Wakefield office will also be responsible for running a group-wide custom projects division. All bulk manufacturing will be handled by the group’s two European plants, and global distribution will be managed from Prolyte Products Group HQ in Leek in the Netherlands.
“We are thrilled by the new opportunities at hand,” states Fokko Smeding the new Group CEO. “The combined team effort within the group reflects the positive drive we have created by this merger. We are convinced this will have a spin-off effect on the market”.
Litestructures founder Adrian Brooks, who is now on the supervisory board of the new company focusing on strategic growth, agrees. “I have long thought that future development in our industry would rely on the collaboration and pooling of resources of the key players, to provide platforms for genuinely global growth. For this reason I am delighted and energized by this merger. Together we are able to exploit opportunities and possibilities that would not have been available to us separately.”