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Mada to Shape Future of Telecoms in Jordan with Expansion of WiMAX Offerings Enabled by Motorola Solutions

- Mada selects Motorola to provide better quality and faster wireless broadband services
- Latest WiMAX technology will help meet growing wireless broadband demand especially in remote areas
- With Motorola’s WAP 650, Mada will address coverage and capacity challenges to help further increase end user satisfaction

AMMAN, Jordan – The Motorola Solutions business of Motorola (NYSE: MOT) today announced that Mada has selected Motorola’s WAP 650 to further enhance its WiMAX offerings to provide higher-quality, higher-speed wireless broadband services to more people across the Kingdom of Jordan.
Part of Mada Communications Group, Mada is now the largest wireless internet provider in the Kingdom. This result was achieved through Mada’s provision of superior quality internet to its residential customer, yielding increased subscribers in Amman, Aqaba, Irbid, Madaba, Zarqa, Salt, Dead Sea, Jerash and Ramtha.
"We are expanding our customer base dramatically and becoming the number one internet service provider in Jordan, with growing numbers in the individual segment and also an undeniable share of corporate clients serving both business and retail,” said Charles Hage, chief executive officer, Mada.
By making wireless internet services accessible in remote areas, Mada has created a market niche, in which consumer demand is growing on a daily basis. In March 2009, Mada became the first provider to offer wireless internet throughout the Hashemite kingdom.
"Due to Mada's true reliability, high speed and mobility, wireless internet penetration in the Jordanian market has expanded. We are transferring Jordan from an IP importer to an IP exporter. By working with Motorola, we are able to use its latest WiMAX technology to improve service delivery as well as expand and improve our network to meet growing demand," continued Hage.
With the use of WAP 650, Mada will be able to address the challenges of coverage and capacity, helping further increase end user satisfaction.
End users commuting back and forth between cities are able to take advantage of Mada's wireless and portable WiMAX solutions. In addition to appealing to the public, Mada has also given corporate and retail entities viable solutions that have created unprecedented brand loyalty in the market, with the network being powered entirely by Motorola.
“Motorola has worked with Mada since 2008 when we signed our first contract and began designing and deploying its system. This recent expansion across Jordan offers better quality and faster wireless broadband services to more people nationwide, enabling optimal performance, flexibility, security and service quality,” said Ali Amer, vice president and general manager, Motorola Solutions EMEA.
Mada launched commercial service on the Motorola end-to-end WiMAX network in March 2009. Mada offers wireless broadband services, including voice and mobile high-speed data, to customers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) across the region through the use of Motorola’s USBw 200, CPEi 775 WiFi units, in addition to products from five additional CPE vendors. The use of Motorola’s WAP 450 series makes this recent expansion into commercial service possible.