MIWE Michael Wenz GmbH

MIWE memobox

A handy device, resembling a remote control, equipped with three program keys and five indicator lights makes it easier than ever to program and store your baking requirements: the MIWE memobox.
The flash card:

The memobox contains a flash card that is used to program all other ovens using the same programs. Opening a new installation or branch bakery? Reprogramming is carried out in just seconds with the flash card.

Operating the MIWE memobox is child’s play. The careful programming of a wide range of baking programs needs to be carried out only once. After that, with the help of the memobox, every baker’s assistant can program a new oven or installation in mere seconds.

Even more effective with a PC:

The MIWE Bakery Program Manager enables you to load the baking programs stored in your PC to the flash card in the MIWE memobox from where further programming is simple.