FOGAL Refrigeration S.r.l.


We can offer what mass production can not, refrigerated cabinets that suit your requirements.
We assure the customer to be free to have a direct contact with us, customized shapes and dimensions, a sophisticated handicraft care and the distinctive excellence of a “Made in Italy” production.
Technology, quick service, reliability and safety are all synonyms of the quality of our products.
To satisfy our customers leads us to a constant improvement as the ultimate purpose of a complete quality management system.
The quality of our products is inextricably linked to the quality or our company.
This is why values such as passion, transparency, responsibility and devotion are our strategy’s main principles for the international markets’ challenge.
Our aim is to represent a model in excellence, a modern company, healthy and efficient, a point of reference in innovation.
We would like to show ourselves as an example of coherent and supportable growth, a sphere where it will be possible to improve professionalism and competence.