Megappel is a shop assistant calling system for department stores. The system is made of a central processing unit, an aerial system and some cordless calling cases set up in the sales area.
Customers and shop assistants have a simple, efficient and controlled means of instantaneous communication at their disposal. Customers have just to press on a calling case, without searching or moving, and the shop assistant of the department is informed either by the public address system of the shop or on his telephone. Thus, the customer immediately feels taken into consideration. With the optional system Megacaisse, you can independently call from the reception 8 to 16 people by a simple switch.

Megappel also allows the store to announce its local communication: welcome messages, opening and closing hours of the point of sales, commercials, jingles...
Megappel offers the function of prevention and protection since it can distribute fire alarm messages (released by a dry contact), messages having a dissuasive effect upon theft, feigning of barking...

Megappel has another function: it can distribute music in the stores (internal sources).

Megappel is consequently an essential tool for supermarkets to improve their quality of customer service and to communicate.