Bortly Neon B.V.

Low voltage neon display

At EuroShop Bortly Neon introduces indoor displays with an innovative low voltage neon light. This patent registered technology uses thin neon tubes of only 5 and 6 mm diameter. So even complicated motives and logotypes can now be realised as a neon sign.

Developing a user friendly product was the first priority of the engineering department. The closed display housing contains all electrical parts. Due to the low voltage technology there is no soiling glass cover of the neon tubes needed and the power consumption is, depending of the size of the neon sign, at the low level between 25 and 40 watt.

About 40 motives are actually available, partly in different sizes or equipped with optional flashing neon. There is a choice of typical American signs, light displays with European languages as well as useful information drawings like a no smoking sign in form of a neon light.

Bortly Neon also produces small series of customised signs showing logotypes and other items using this TÜV/GS approved neon technology. The own manufacturing plant in China guarantees a very reasonable price level for it.