Assmann Ladenbau Leibnitz GmbH


Assmann Ladenbau (Shop Fittings) Leibnitz has long been at the vanguard of shop design trends. The high level of expertise of this outstanding and innovative company from southern Styria (Austria) will once more be on show at EuroShop 2002. All in all, Assmann will present a selection of seven sytems in Düsseldorf, five of which are “brand new”. Each one either adopts a current style, or sets a new trend for shop fittings with added value.

Assmann’s LongLine system is already well established in the market. It continues to be popular thanks to the horizontal rail’s functional versatility, which facilitates the creation of original forms of product presentation. The system’s visual impact is graceful and “weightless” as a result of a design free of slots and uprights. Hence it is particularly appropriate for the display of lightweight products such as lingerie, accessories, shoes, bags, leather goods, etc. It is so appealing because it provides freedom to set accents precisely where they are needed.