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The location of a store is crucial for business. But how does a retailer actually know where he should place a new store? And what does he have to consider at a high-traffic location like a railway station? The Topic gives insights.

TeaTales: a perfect concept for train stations

One month pop-up store in Berlin central train station

Photo: TeaTales Shop with man passers-by

The train station turned out to be an ideal location: the young start-up venture "TeaTales" is the winner of the "DB Next Station" context and got the chance to introduce its organic tea creations in a pop-up store at the Berlin Central Train Station for one month. A taste of the next generation of retailers in train stations.

Retail concepts at the airport have to become more individual

Retail at airports is becoming more comprehensive, digital and more regional

Plane starting at the Munich Airport

At airports there is s chance for retailers to do really good business. But airports need the right retail concept – not only for passengers but also for customers from throughout the region. From online offers to special services and a special product mix the approaches vary greatly. And not all operators are harnessing all their possibilities.

”The development in retail space demand varies drastically depending on the region”

Interview with Markus Wotruba, Director of Retail Location Analysis, BBE Handelsberatung GmbH

Markus Wotruba

So far, a reliable analysis of the actual effects of eCommerce growth on the future demand for sales areas in brick-and-mortar retail has not been possible. The new analysis tool “e-Impact“ by BBE Handelsberatung is intended to show how strongly specific retail locations are affected by the growing online retail sector. iXtenso spoke with Markus Wotruba, Director of Retail Location Analysis at BBE, about the development potential of various locations.