Light in retail: Spot on – for the perfect shopping experience

Whether furniture store, boutique or jewellery shop – the innovative lamps and luminaire systems from OSRAM turn shop interiors into a fascinating world of lifestyle. Shopping has long since focused on more than the mere product. The design and ambient lighting of the shops must take up lifestyles and fashion trends. The right lighting solution plays a part in sparking customer interest and awaken desires.

Consequently, the right lighting concept must be based on where and for what purpose the light is to be used. The ambient lighting of the shop must be in harmony with the products. In a fashion store, for example, realistic colour rendering of the textiles is crucial. For this purpose, OSRAM has developed the POWERBALL HCI Shoplight with light colour 930. This innovative high-pressure gas discharge lamp generates ambient lighting that looks as natural as daylight.

High-tech POWERBALL HCI Shoplight lamp with excellent colour rendering
This lamp sets new standards in shop lighting. Inside is a small sphere made of transluscent high-tech ceramic in which exceptionally bright light is generated. Due to improved colour rendering at the red end of the spectrum, the colours look brilliant and natural. The long-life lamp best displays its strength in combination with POWERTRONIC PTi. The electronic control gear (ECG) is perfectly matched to the POWERBALL HCI luminaires.

OSRAM technology for expressive light scenes
The slim-line LUMILUX T5 fluorescent lamps in red, green and blue turn shops into a colourful world of experience. The wide range of wattages and lengths provides lighting designers with plenty of scope for a creative use of the lamps. In conjunction with ECG and a DALI lighting control system, dynamic lighting scenes can be produced that will raise customer awareness. Its tube diameter of just 16 mm also makes this lamp a
space-saving option.

The combination of brilliant T5 lamps with the POWERBALL HCI Shoplight or coloured LINEARlight Colormix LED modules opens up new opportunities for highly expressive shop lighting. The result is effective coloured and dynamic lighting scenarios that make shopping a true experience for customers.

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