Zhejiang RICHSUN Display and Signs System Co., Ltd

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Zhejiang Richsun Display & Signs System CO., LTD. is the exclusive technological partner and the universal agent of Deutsche Richsun Display & Signs System AG Limited in China. As a leading trader and supplier of professional display and signs, who provides the whole service of commercial environment analyse, brand image integration, project management , design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, Richsun has set up a complete and scientific project operation system, and devotes itself to signs and display of retailing chains. Inheriting the successful philosophy and excellent quality from DEUTSCHE RICHSUN, provides clients with expert solution, wonderful patents, professional services and internationally advanced commercial cooperating patterns.

Zhejiang Richsun has become one of the famous enterprises in the field of advertising display and signs in China. It has a large number of long-term cooperators home and abroad such as Bosch, Sinopec, Ferrari, Mcdonald’s , Shell, B&Q, China Faw Corporation car, BP, CHINT Group Corporation, Fotile Kinchenware, Joyoung etc. Richsun has two hundred professionals, who are senior consultation experts, designers, engineers, manufacturing technicians and professional installation & maintenance workers. We imported advanced production equipments such as electrostatic printing machine, vacuum plastic suction machine, net printing machine, large computer control cutting machine, fine shaping machine and etc. The designing idea and technology from Germany. The materials used in the process of the product manufacturing have been inspected strictly. At present, the company has been approved more than 70 patents in China and overseas. Especially through cooperating with the famous international company, such as 3M, Philip, GE, DEGUSSA, SERICOL, etc. we have absorbed their excellent managerial philosophy and management pattern, guarantee our product quality and service .

Richsun aspire to become the best supplier of retail image and display system .

Richsun help you win in retail system !