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L_26 Basic


- new edition of our classical system
- more variability with our new wall frames that can be equipped with various material
- wall elements are made as frames with 4 similar sides - that causes more flexibility
- introduction probably end of 2005

Leitner_10 DS

- completely overworked system
- easier and faster to assemble because of our new linking system
- more flexibility in construction with our new system structure
- new materials
- structure of L10 can be integrated in L10DS
- bigger spans with wire rope constructions (L10)

Leitner_26 Basic

- complete set in various module sizes
- each set can be enlarged afterwards - up to max. 4x4
- material can be integrated in a Leitner_26 stand
- can be transported in a normal car
- standard wall fillings made of fabric - other materials are possible
- packed in bags - that solves any storage problem of the packaging during a show