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Large-scale implementation of stylish ambience The way to your desired decor with Westag digital prints

Large-scale implementation of a digital print theme

Rheda-Wiedenbrueck, February 2008. Westag & Getalit AG is classified as one of the leading manufacturers of wood based and synthetic products in Europe. On the occasion of this year’s Euroshop exhibition in Duesseldorf the company presented the products of the Laminates/Elements division in a young, dynamic and customer-orientated manner. The manufacturer offers digital print unicums, which are available as single pieces and presents the product processing’s advantages.

Desired motives are developed to laminate unicums. By means of the digital printing technique at Westag & Getalit AG every imaginable motive can be pressed to high-pressure laminates (HPL) with a wide field of applications. Whether product photo, blue summer sky or individual creation – Westag digital prints allow for absolute designing liberty for unique decors – and this already for single pieces. The digital print motives offer to planners and architects a felicitous alternative to conventional intaglio mass decors and industrially produced colour and decor papers. By this, every project results in a distinctive unicum.
In additon to the individually printed motives Westag & Getalit AG offers altogether 26 digital print decors, which are available from stock or within a short-term delivery period.

Westag digital print stands for the unproblematic implementation of unique decor desires in combination with high standards for quality and abrasion resistance. By means of the hard and “crystal clear” melamine resin overlay the motives are permanently protected, thus withstanding daily wear and tear.

The large variety of applications becomes obvious via customized decor designing and the robust surface – regardless of the application - window sills, wall panelling, compact sheets or wall covering. There are nearly limitless variations due to the robust, hard-wearing surface. For example, when used as wall panelling, every room gets an individual and personal flair. Westag digital print gives leeway to interior architects and designers for fancy interior design ideas or visual illustration of company logos for office restyling.

GetaLit – the laminate
GetaLit high-pressure laminates (HPL) consist of synthetic resin kraft papers and printed or coloured decor papers. The decors are protected by a crystal-clear overlay. By means of this overlay and the special durability the sheets show an enormous resistance against scratches and impact. Due to the duroplastic material and usage properties the product is highly resistant against abrasion, heat (until 180°C) and household chemicals. The Getalit high-pressure laminate withstands the testing methods of DIN EN 438 and shows in many cases better results than requested in the DIN norm.

The product which is already established in the market is applied in various areas. Due to the ideal properties and the flexible production the laminate can for example be used for worktops, window sills, compact sheets as well as for wall panelling.

GetaLit laminates are available in different sizes and can be obtained in order quantity one.

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