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Lamination Technology for transparent LED Films

Transparent LED Products

The use of transparent and printable LED Films ( in final products based on PMME and Polycarbonates is one of the highest interest for the sign making market.

It seams now, that the very successful vacuum lamination technique using transparent EVASafe from Bridgestone or EVA from Sekisui may be easily transferred from the glass lamination technology to final products based on PMME or Polycarbonate.

Using a heating vacuum table, the LED Films will be sandwitched between 2 layers of EVA or EVASafe and than between PMME or PC. The final spec to laminate is the following one:

1.5 mm EVASafe
1.0 mm LED-Film
0.4 mm EVASafe

It is important to mention, that the ideal temperature and vacuum profile should be defined in a way to get the requested resident time at requested temperature and vacuum level.

The alternative lamination at high pressures (Autoclaving at 125 °C) has not yet been tested for PMME or PC. But for glass lamination, this technique is widely spread and usefull to get LED imbedded Glass products.

A third method to get transparent LED Films in PMME and PC is the use of resin. Resins should be used, which do not show too much of shrinking as function of hardening reaction.

Picture below: Transparent laminated Glasses by PVB Autoclaving and EVA acuum Bagging Technology.
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