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SSC, Inc. Introduces Innovative Visual Aid

Fairfield, NJ - The Label Larger™ magnifying glass is the answer for hard to read package labels! Crafted to accommodate label conscious shoppers, the LabelLarger is great for reading small print labels on vitamins and over-the-counter drugs, diet foods, snack items, sodas and more. The innovative LabelLarger helps retailers build customer loyalty and drives sales.

By supplying their best customers with the invaluable service of sight and convenience retailers will promote a caring image, helping differentiate their store brand.

The LabelLarger is available in two convenient styles: The LabelLarger I, which is perfect for large format stores and "flags” products in the aisle; and the LabelLarger II, whose low profile design accommodates tight aisles and small format stores. Both LabelLarger styles are constructed of a shatterproof, plastic magnifying glass that features two levels of magnification. The durable, colorful plastic frame, that surrounds the glass, allows for easy handling of the unit and provides ample room for branding with a product or store logo. Each unit simply attaches to store shelving with a theft-proof locking attachment. The LabelLarger I connects to store shelving by a sturdy, yet flexible steel cable and the LabelLarger II by a plastic, telephone-style cord. Both features give customers the mobility to position the LabelLarger right where they need it. Installation is trouble-free and requires only a few twists of a screwdriver.

Both LabelLarger style is available in three stock colors: red, blue and black. Custom colors and graphics with product/store logos are also available. For more information, please call (800) 356-7796. Safe-Strap Company, Inc. (SSC, Inc.) has been advancing solutions for safety and operations since 1983.