LUXX Lichttechnik GmbH

LUXX Lichttechnik GmbH presents RGB colour-changing lights based on CCFL


With the coluxx innovation, LUXX Lichttechnik GmbH introduces the first colour-changing lights based on CCFL lamps (cold cathode fluorescent lamps). coluxx is an extremely compact lighting fixture with three very thin CCFL which are controlled by radio remote control. For this, preset light programmes can be used, or individual settings for colour, colour change, speed, etc can be applied. The remote controller can reliably control simultaneously all coluxx lights present within a radius of 40 metres. The coluxx light can also easily be connected to DMX systems.

In comparison to RGB colour-changing systems on the basis of LEDs, coluxx offers all the advantages of CCFL technology. Cold cathode fluorescent lamps have a very good energy efficiency (80 lm/W), a very long working life (approx. 80,000 hours) and very low heat development. While for RGB LEDs the very differing working life of the individual colours becomes a problem - even when a single colour fails, the complete unit must be replaced – the working life of CCFLs is not dependent on colour. In addition, LED solutions of comparable brightness are very much more expensive than coluxx lights.

coluxx is used as part of architectural lighting for shop design, in the display and signage industry, and in many other areas. For further information, please visit the website of LUXX Lichttechnik GmbH: