Vice Versa Structure & Images


VICE VERSA launches its new ultra-light foldable display LAMBDA.
LAMBDA brings a new standard of quality at a low cost.
Welcomed for its design – it looks like the Greek letter – LAMBDA is chosen for its easy and instantaneous set up: its 3 parts fit together and bend the picture. Made in aluminium, LAMBDA is very solid and stable on the ground. Multipurpose, LAMBDA can be used on both sides, as a Recto Verso. It can also be used to create a genuine picture wall by joining as many LAMBDA as required.

The picture can be changed instantaneously in any conditions, during a congress for example. Great interest for large advertising campaigns: low price of the display, decreased cost to prepare the picture – no special cut or finish. Weight of the display alone: 540 gr. Weight Lambda with one picture 85x200 cm: 1600 gr.

Standard size: 85x200 cm. A lot of other possibilities.
Patented and registered by VICE VERSA. Made in France by VICE VERSA.