Sans Amill, SA, Jose M. (Kriskadecor)

KriskaDECOR present their curtains for Stands and shops

Decoration in Mebel Exhibiton (Moscow)

KriskaDECOR® is a metal curtain which offers a wealth of options for partitioning rooms and as a decorative feature. KriskaDECOR® is made from small interlinked pieces of anodized aluminium which form a lightweight, versatile mesh. It is a real metallic textile.

KriskaDECOR has many applications. The curtains can be used to define spaces and to partition rooms without the need for solid walls, ideal for stands at trade fairs. KriskaDECOR can create different atmospheres in restaurants, hotels etc. In shops the curtains can be used to separate eg. the warehouse from the shop, or to create an attractive shopwindow. KriskaDECOR can be used as a decorative element in itself or for advertising.

There are lots of style options, with combinations of colours, logos, smooth curtains or curtains with waves, circular shapes etc. Any height or width can be manufactured, the customer has complete freedom designing his own curtain . With a combination of shapes, colours and light any decorative goal can be achieved!