Keeping all your glass is easier than ever with Doctor Brill® by CURVETshield®.

Curvet® has perfected a series of water repellent treatments which can be applied industrially or manually and can render the surface of treated glass so smooth that they effectively eliminate
the need to clean glass keeping it clean for months.
The treatments, which are completely colourless, work at a molecular level sealing off the microscopic ridges and imperfections of the surface, making glass more resilient against scratching, lime scale staining and even keeping germs at bay with this water repellent layer. When water comes into contact with treated surfaces it forms tiny droplets which bead up and stream away off the glass leaving it clean and stain free.
To answer to the needs of all our clients Curvet has developed both
· the hot polymerising treatment Curvet shield®-DFI®, which can be applied industrially to semi-finished glass products "Made in Curvet®” for use in the sectors of bathroom furnishings, refrigerators and freezers, household appliances, cars, etc.
· DOCTOR BRILL®, which can be used by a wide-ranging public since it can be applied to glass which has already been fitted quickly and easily by hand, without the need for the help of a specially trained professional.
Such treatments are ideal for all those companies wanting to offer their clients functional products with that extra something, and for anyone who, in everyday life, no longer wants to be a slave to the tiresome cleaning of glass which has already been fitted.

Just one application is all it takes to reduce cleaning by up to 90%. Treated surfaces can be cleaned by just wiping them over with a damp cloth thus getting rid of harmful detergents which are bad for both Man and the environment.

Last updated 15.02.2005