Creative Constructions BV

Impressive simple construction for clean drinking water

Together with the Israeli architect Joseph Cory of bureau Geotectura Creative Constructions developed ‘WatAir’, an installation to catch clean drinking water.
The principle of operation of WatAir is very simple. The air always contains water vapour, even in the desert. Because of the difference in temperature between day and night this water vapour condensates at night. We know this phenomenon as dew. By letting water vapour condensate on a conical shape, the dew drops roll downwards and are collected in a tank. Depending on the air humidity, a fair amount of clean dinking water is collected. In addition, the system can also function for rainwater collection.
The principle of WatAir is based on an old Aboriginal method to collect clean drinking water.

A prototype has been made with the 3D Connect™ system. The system fits folded in one 1-metre long bag and only weighs 3.5 kg. With this design we participate in the Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition, where water is the theme of this year.