ISO International Shopfitting Organisation

ISO International Shopfitting Organisation establish a world MEETING POINT at the coming EUROSHOP for the first time.

ISO organise more than 2.800 shopfixture manufacturers, shopfitters, interior contractors and designers World wide, most via national associations such as DLV, Deutscher Ladenbau Verband, CFA France, Assaredo Italy, NAS and SDEA UK, NASFM USA, DDI Denmark, NBF Norway and an increasing number of individual members from Poland, Latvia, Slovenia, Australia and other countries, such as Sweden and soon India, where there are no national associations of the shopfitting industry.

ISO, being aware through many years, that whatever other shopfitting exhibitions takes place Globally, and it is a lot, there is no doubt, that:
EUROSHOP is the meeting point of the World’s Shopfitting Industry, every 3 years!

So the decision was easy to the ISO Management Committee, to use the organisation’s renewed, pro-active staff and member support, to establish for the first time:
ISO is the meeting point at EUROSHOP!
With this statement, ISO welcomes all Global members, member association’s members, and members’ customers to booth no. E56 in Hall 11.

The ISO booth is a good example of ISO’s new member service policy: Half of the 350 sqm. big space is small member-exhibition units occupied by European, hereof 3 Italian, American, and probably an Indian, shopfitters. The other half is information counter, back room service facilities such as coffee, refrigeration, store, and the rest, most of the booth is for tables and chairs, that serves the most important purpose of the whole event as expressed by the name ISO Meeting Point: People of the industry meet people of the industry! Colleagues, Customers, Competition, altogether.

You’ll find ISO by looking for the waving flags! Eight 6 M high poles with waving blue and white pennants, spotlighted and blown into life and eternal movement by little electric fans, creating a constantly changing view, as a symbol of the shopfitting industry!

ISO look forward with great expectation to an event that is sure to further strengthen ISO’s ambitions to unite the World’s shopfitting industry in one, large association, offering high quality information exchange and Global cooperation among the many members, and the new to come.