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IGEL’s Updated Universal Desktop Converter Software now able to Extend the Life of even more old PCs and Thin Clients

Businesses Can Now Convert Neoware Thin Client Hardware into Universal Desktops using a
USB stick - for less than £25
Reading. UK – May 7, 2010 – IGEL Technology today announced its Universal Desktop Converter
(UDC) has been updated with the latest Protocols and Clients to handle the conversion of the last
generation of Neoware thin client models. The IGEL UDC software, which converts old PCs and
thin clients to a remotely managed IGEL Universal Desktop, can now transform Neoware e50, e90
and e140 devices. By installing the company’s Universal Firmware onto the devices, customers
can experience a smooth transition to an IGEL Universal Desktop or desktop virtualization
environment without the expense of replacing the entire client hardware. This enables companies
of all sizes to extend the lifecycle of their existing infrastructure and reduce the cost of investing in
new hardware.
With the latest upgrade, the IGEL UDC can now not only convert the Neoware models but also the
HP t5745 and Fujitsu Futro S100 in addition to the existing Dell Optiplex FX160, Acer Veriton
N260G, Fujitsu S450, S500, S550 and HP 5545; t5735 models.
“By repurposing old hardware with IGEL’s Universal Desktop Converter, businesses can stay upto-
date with their technology offerings and experience more long-term cost savings and flexibility,”
said Simon Richards, UK General Manager at IGEL Technology. “For example, by upgrading these
old thin clients to an IGEL Universal Desktop customers suddenly have the ability to connect to the
latest Citrix, VMware and Quest clients to implement virtual desktops.”
To upgrade third party hardware into IGEL Universal Desktops, customers simply plug in and boot
from the USB token. The IGEL Universal Firmware is then installed automatically onto their
system. The Universal Desktop Converter comes with three Software Pack options – Entry,
Standard, or Advanced – so businesses only pay for what they need by selecting the software
platform that best suits their requirements.
IGEL’s Universal Management Suite is also included with the Universal Desktop Converter,
allowing businesses to remotely manage thin clients and converted PCs and reduce the time and
money spent on hardware support and administration.
Pricing for the Universal Desktop Converter starts at £24.50+vat. For more information about
IGEL’s Universal Desktop Converter and hardware requirements, please visit: