I.D. Systems is presenting IIS-an innovative product for successful P.O.S. Marketing

IIS, the abbreviation for Interactive Information Service, offers new possibilities of sale promotion and an exciting new shopping experience to the customer.

At EuroShop 2002, I.D. Systems AG displays various opportunities that the implementation of an identification system can offer when installed in a shopping cart. The IIS product demonstration takes place in hall 3 stand 3G 69.

The advantages of IIS for the supermarket operator are:
- customer counting and tracking
- the detection of customers in a certain shopping area
- customers behaviour analyses

The resulting possibiliŽties for the product supplier are:
- specific placement of commercials and advertisement
- determine the best place, time and duration of a commercial via detailed placement ananlyses
- analyses of the (changing) shopping behaviour
- targeted sales promotion right at the point of sale

The main technological component of this system is the well known ExID Identification System, a semi-passive radio frequency system which works in the frequency range of 2.45 GHz.