Hestex Systems GmbH

Hestex HS-Panel

Wall Assembly
Hestex HS-Panel is the new way of building. Quick assembly and practical application possibilities means that Hestex HS-Panel can save you up to 60% of labour cost.
Hestex HS-Panel is a packaged system wall with very high strength, rigidity, noise insulation and fire resistance. The panels are pushed into each other using wall elements without the need for nails or screws. Hestex HS-Panel system walls have a double corrugated cardboard core, stamped in vertical channel shapes and glued between panels.
Hestex HS-Panel system walls have vertical channels that are perfect for the laying of separate data, telephone, electrical and Unicor cabling. Integrated electrical sockets can also be fitted in the walls.
The Hestex HS-Panel system wall is a high quality, made-to-measure wall system that can be used for applications such as partition walls, isolation walls, presentation walls, party walls, office walls and secondary walls. The quality of the Hestex HS-Panel system walls is guaranteed according to ISO 9001: 2000 certificate.