Headless Women Mannequin

Headless Women Mannequin

Mannequins and Busts

At WMF Mannequin, we understand retail display. That is why we carry the widest range of mannequins, busts and torso displays for you to choose from. No matter what the style of your retail products, you can count on WMF Mannequin to provide the ideal display mannequins to match. Our popular range of mannequins are available in three styles, each of which can provide you with a different variation of mannequin display.


We have an extremely wide range of mannequins that are designed to fit into all sorts of retail environments. From realistic to stylistic mannequins, create your own unique display choosing a mannequin pose and finish to suit you. With headless male, female and child mannequins in our range, why go anywhere else?


From floor standing to hanging male and female busts, you can create an eye catching display that will get your clothing products noticed. With black, white or grey covers available to fit our retail bust displays, you can find the best cover to match the products on display. Affordable and stylish, these busts are perfect every time.

Hanging body forms

If you are looking for an affordable way of displaying clothing items, then the WMF Mannequin range of hanging body forms are just what you need. Hang them from a rail, hook or even a slatwall accessory in order to create a highly visible and alluring display. Why not purchase a body form with stand or a mega deal multipack to create a unique retail display.


The WMF Mannequin range of male and female torsos are perfect for displaying any t-shirt or variety of underwear. Choose whether to display the white mannequins on a stand or place the torso onto a counter top for a varied display.