HEE : High Energy Efficiency

CIAT’s innovative HEE technology is substantially more energy efficient than other solutions currently on the market. In fact, it uses as much as 85% less energy!
CIAT has integrated it primarily into its terminal units, such as its latest generation of fan coil units,
ductable units and cassettes. The components that are compatible with the HEE approach are exclusive to CIAT.

New-technology HEEmotor:
This extremely efficient motor consumes as much as 70% less power than standard motors. It will be available as an option in virtually all CIAT’s terminal unit ranges.
The breakthrough behind this new motor is its brushless technology,making its efficiency akin to that of energy-efficient bulbs.

CIAT was able to develop this technology thanks to stateof-the-art electronics. HEE motors are guaranteed to be more reliable and last longer than the current generation of motors.
CIAT’s HEE motor will be available from the end of the first quarter of 2008.

HEE fan:
The HEE fan is the result of several years of studies at CIAT’s Research and Innovation Centre. Its uniquely shaped bladesmake itmuchmore energy efficient than other existing fans and drastically lower its power consumption and noise levels to ensure optimum ease of use.

A few products that use HEE technology:
- Major fan coil unit (complementary solution for renovated properties, ideal for offices without suspended ceilings), which combines a stylish look with versatility and simplicity of use,
- The new Coadis 2 cassette optimises the Coanda effect for increased capacity and even better comfort and quieter operation. Its consumption drops by 70%when combinedwith the HEE option,
- The Slimductable unit is CIAT’s solution for large office buildings.