Polyflor Ltd.

Groundbreaking Polysafe Supratec PUR applied to flagship safety ranges

Polyflor has raised the bar in decorative heavy-duty safety flooring to a new level by developing its class leading PUR maintenance technology on safety flooring and adding it to their flagship Polysafe Astral and Polysafe Corona ranges, so that both ranges now incorporate third generation Supratec PUR.

PolysafeTM Supratec PUR is a UV cured and cross-linked super strength polyurethane reinforcement that offers advanced maintenance benefits, optimum appearance and colour retention along with improved soil release.

The incorporation of Supratec PUR means that life cycle maintenance cost savings of up to 60% are achievable over a 15 year period when compared to untreated safety flooring using a micro mop maintenance regime (British Institute of Cleaning Science). Superior cleanability further improves the environmental credentials of these two decorative safety ranges as both already boast the highest possible BRE Global Environmental A+ Rating in major use areas such as education and healthcare (Certificate No: ENP 336).

“This advanced PUR reinforcement is one of the major reasons Polyflor’s homogeneous flooring products have been so successful over the years,” explains Simon James, Polyflor’s marketing manager. “The cleaning technology has inherent properties which facilitate sustainable maintenance and improve the overall green credentials of a product.

“We invested significantly in new machinery and technology that allowed us to incorporate this maintenance enhancement into safety flooring and set the standard for the future.

“Following the initial success of Polysafe Mosaic PUR, launched earlier this year, we are confident that the improved Astral and Corona ranges will be a massive hit for all in the specification chain.”

This new, enhanced reinforcement represents the third generation PUR treatment to be added to the Polysafe Astral and Corona ranges, which offer enhanced flexibility and a striking palette of highly aesthetic colour options.

Both products are ideal for use in highly visible commercial areas, which need to maintain an attractive appearance while offering slip resistance properties for underfoot safety. Improved maintenance also makes them perfect for the more traditional, back of house commercial and social housing areas, where safety flooring is usually installed and where there is a high risk of spillages.

As with all Polysafe products, new Polysafe Astral PUR and Polysafe Corona PUR fully comply with HSE and UK Slip Group Guidelines to give sustainable slip resistance throughout their guaranteed life, achieving 36+ on the Pendulum wet test (Slider 96/Four S rubber) with a surface roughness of 20 microns and above. Both ranges also adhere to EN 13845 – the European standard for safety flooring.