GfS - Gesellschaft für Sicherheitstechnik mbH

GFS – Emergency door cover for door handles, type K

Doors situated along escape routes (emergency exits) must be able to be opened easily from inside. On the one hand the property of the operator should be secured without violating the legal obligations on safe, on the other hand people should get the possibility to leave by unimpeded escape routes.

The escape door hood covers by GFS provide an affordable and easy-to-install solution. Nevertheless, in the past there was no practical solution available to secure door handles with escape door hoods.

With the new type K escape door hood now is it possible to secure door handles. Thanks to four different mounting options, it can be used for any door handle. The type K is made of Macrolon plastic, making the cover reusable and eliminating the possibility of injury due to the unfavourable splintering of the cover. In the event of danger, the cover is knocked off, causing the special seal with red-green markings to drop and the door handle is freed.

The Gesellschaft für Sicherheitstechnik is specialised on systems for the monitoring of emergency exits.