CEFLA S.c.r.l.

Futura checkouts

Futura is the new Cefla flagship line of checkouts.

Futura checkouts feature both improved ergonomy, thanks to the beautiful and modern design of their curved smooth surfaces, and improved productivity, thanks to new solutions and materials that help speeding-up operations and reducing queues.

Futura Twins and Futura Box are two brand new models at EuroShop.
Futura Twins matches two checkouts in one, thus offeringperfectly balanced ergonomic working options and a clever use of aisles space.

Futura Box is one of the models specifically conceived to comply with German and Austrian regulations and ergonomy normatives, featuring both a beautiful, modern Italian design and a protected, larger operating space.

Many customizations can be applied both to design and colours, according to customers needs, for different retail formats.