Longlife Teppichboden Berndt Cleven GmbH & Co.

Full Surface Emotion: Textile Wall Covering from longlife offers new possibilities to design vertical spaces.

The longlife Wall Covering Collection holds grand floral and graphic patterns in attractive colourations and a broad spectrum of wall coverings in solid colours. This collection will be the focus of our presentation at EuroShop 2008 in Düsseldorf. It truly is an ideal basis for designing and decorating vertical surfaces in sophisticated commercial interiors, Shops and Showrooms, Lounges and Conference areas, Foyers, Casinos, Theatres and Operas, Gastronomy and Hotels. Everywhere, where accents are required or atmosphere and interiors full of character are needed, will wall covering open up new ways to decorate commercial interiors.

longlife’s new collection is in line with a current trend: More and more textile materials are being used in commercial interiors and shop decoration. The reasons for this are obvious: while hard and smooth surfaces have an architectural style advantage and stand for purism and clarity, textiles stand for comfort and emotional quality and determine the quality of one’s stay in interiors. The latter suffers whenever the architecture demands a consequent use of cool and reverberant materials as common with modern glass / steel / concrete construction. Once certain values matter, such as length of stay, inspiration, stimulative nature and expressive visual stimuli, a textile wall covering can be a sensible option to create an individual atmosphere.

Naturally the selection of materials for interiors is a matter of philosophy but it can also turn into a matter of necessity whenever good acoustics and beneficial ergonomics are required. Especially the interplay of textile flooring systems and textile wall covering can achieve excellent results in terms of room acoustics. The right interplay can even supersede conventional measures and otherwise necessary structural changes.

With the designs ‘Chrysantheme’ and ‘Quartett Floris’ longlife offers Architects, Planners and Shop-Decoraters aesthetically ‘real eye-catcher’ of high emotional quality. The many different colorations reach from classically dignified to trend optics. The reduced geometrical patterns ‘Bast’ and ‘Pearls’ are strong counterparts to the free forms of the wall organics. Twenty-five up-to-date solid colours offer a multitude of topical ways of vertical interpretation, Fashion, Avantgarde, pastel, earthy or intensive – all of which can also be put on the floor with the Expo classic carpeting.

In accordance with the European standard C-s3,d0 the wall coverings have a low flammability finish and are suitable for public spaces. They are being delivered on rolls and installed to the wall just like carpeting by means of wall covering adhesive. Corners, arches and round walls are easily realised.

During the EuroShop in Düsseldorf we will present our renown textile Carpeting Systems such as the IQ-System for adhesive-free contract installation. Under the working title ‘Classics’ we will present our new solid coloured carpets in completely new colourations.