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Forthcoming handheld data terminal from Nordic ID to revolutionise archiving

Nordic ID, one of the leading manufacturers of wireless terminals and handheld instruments in Europe today announced the development of a new dual-mode handheld terminal designed to revolutionise the archiving of books and other physical recorded data.

The Nordic ID PL3000 Library HF follows other devices in the Nordic ID product family by combining advanced wireless technology and data management with single-handed ease of use. The unit’s large touch screen, programmable keys and intuitive user interface are meant to ensure that its use in libraries and other archives is effortless, while its configurable internal memory expandable by a further 2 GB and long battery life ensure that vital data is easy to store and operational life is sustained during daily operations.

Most importantly, the Nordic ID PL3000 HF has been designed to be able to read data from both bar codes and RFID tags, both of which are common identification systems in libraries and other archive systems. Adapting quickly to its functionality, users can write directly onto tags allowing them to update information conveniently on site. The device also incorporates a flexible swivel antenna optimized for fast and accurate reading of tags from shelves, whether high or low.

Speaking about the Nordic ID PL3000 HF, CEO of Nordic ID, Jorma Lalla said:
"As with all our other products, we have thought through its necessary functionality and created the perfect blend of ergonomics with high technology. This device with its optimised antenna will make reading data from shelves a fast and easy process while its online capabilities ensure only the latest information connects to the backend system. Whether you are managing a library or any other archive system, we believe this unit will prove invaluable."

Lalla continued that the device had also been designed with the future in mind and that new standards could be conveniently added to a bank of units via centralised software updates thus extending the product’s life-cycle. The handheld unit’s capacity to connect to any backend system with a choice of WLAN connection, Bluetooth or direct USB also meant that users are well served to maintain accurate and easily updatable information with speed and mobility.

For more information, please contact:

Jorma Lalla

Hielke van Oostrum

Originally a small engineering company, Nordic ID, based in Salo, Finland, has grown to be one of the main providers of handheld terminals and computers for retail and industry. Our passion for using the latest wireless and mobile telecommunications technology in our devices places us as pioneers in the field. Nordic ID is committed to the spirit of continuous product development in close cooperation with customers.

Today several large European customers have thousands of Nordic ID hand held terminals in daily use. Customers such as Woolworths, Spar, Coop, Adidas and Shell have all chosen Nordic ID. Annually Nordic ID supplies over 10.000 products.