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Food Safe Lighting, Fresh Food Merchandising, Meat & Seafood Shelf Life - all Critical for Supermarket Profitability & Sustainability

Energy Savings for Refrigerated Display Cases and Improved Product Integrity & Shelf Life are presented at Euroshop.

There are several new and exciting products available today that will help Euroshop’s grocery retailers extend shelf life, reduce operating costs, improve food safety and protect profit margins.

Supermarket owners and independent store operators are constantly searching for innovative and economical ways to safely and effectively merchandise fresh foods, boost sales and retain shopper loyalty. For an overwhelming number of consumers, one of their primary concerns is food safety.

Grocery Display Case Lighting Manufacturer, Promolux Lighting International, is Proud to be Exhibiting at Euroshop
The types of food lighting you use and the refrigeration equipment you employ – these all have an impact on food integrity, food safety and food appearance. In addition the type of display case lighting can impact daily operating expenses and profit margins especially when improper light sources cause premature spoilage in perishable food departments.

The ideal way to appeal to shoppers is through their senses – shoppers are drawn to departments and display cases and to products that look fresh and appetizing enough to eat.

Display Case Lighting and Its Impact on Category Management
The visual presentation of fresh food showcases is a way of communicating with your clientele. Regular fluorescent lights emit strong wavelengths of damaging spectrum that cause foods to discolour, dry, off-flavour and spoil prematurely. This results in high volumes of product shrink and discard at the end of each day.

Fresh foods present unique challenges in the handling, storing and merchandising of them at the grocery retail level. However, there are a select group of products that will allow you and your staff to effectively and safely merchandise these products, extend shelf life, encourage sales and keep end-of-the-day waste as low as possible.

Be Seen in the Best Light – Food Safe Display Case Lighting
Promolux lighting is best light source for fresh food cases and perishable departments where food safety, shelf life and top quality color rendering are required. Using a proprietary mix of phosphors and coatings, Promolux’s manufacturing process ensures perishable foods look and stay fresh longer!

Low Radiation Lighting Keeps Perishable Foods Safe and Fresh
In addition to being a balanced spectrum light, Promolux is also a low radiation light and eliminates over 86% of the damaging radiation which is harmful to perishable foods.

Promolux ensures heat and light sensitive foods like meat, seafood, deli and bakery items retain their color, moisture, freshness, flavour and appeal for longer periods. Promolux lamps are ideal for all types of store food cases where foods are in close proximity to light sources. With the added protection of the shatter-resistant safety coating, Promolux supports the food safety and sustainability initiatives of grocery retailers worldwide.

For Euroshop grocery retailer attendees, Promolux provides your store and display cases with the right illumination without sacrificing color or product integrity.

Perishable foods not only look better under Promolux lights, they last longer too. Not only will you save money with reduced food shrinkage, you will also save money with less time required to maintain the displays.

With a payback of less than 90 days, Promolux offers supermarket chain and small independent
markets superior color rendering and greater shelf life extension. Promolux display case lights are easy to install and last for years!

Promolux Set to Showcase Supermarket LED Line of Food Lighting at Euroshop
Promolux is also excited to be showcasing a line of grocery LED’s at the upcoming Euroshop show. With a focus on color rendering and food safety, Promolux Lighting is once again making headlines in the food retail industry.


Supermarket Night Covers Protect Foods and Reduce Energy Consumption in Open Refrigeration Equipment

Econofrost Night Covers – Keeping You Covered Against Rising Energy Costs
Econofrost retrofit night covers easily install on all types of open refrigerated display cases. Designed to be used at night, Econofrost thermal night blinds improve both case and product temperatures for improved product integrity.

Furthermore, Econofrost case covers lower energy consumption improving overall energy efficiency, saving money on refrigeration costs each month. Installing night covers on open refrigerated grocery cases helps keep products fresh and appealing for longer.

Thermal Night Curtains Support Food Safety & Sustainability Initiatives
Engineered to create a protective thermal barrier against damaging heat and light, Econofrost’s woven aluminum fabric reflects heat away from the case and allows the cold air to circulate freely inside the case.

The precision drilled perforations and open cassette design effectively allows moisture to dissipate preventing any build-up of mold or mildew without the need for treating it with harmful antibacterial sprays or coatings.

Retrofit Night Covers for Supermarket Open Cooler Equipment
With a variety of models and sizes to choose from including electric motor driven night covers, Econofrost retrofit energy saving covers integrate easily into any store design and décor.

Econofrost’s line of retrofit night covers allows any supermarket chain or independent store owner to save money, reduce product shrink and improve food integrity without the costly expenditure of investing in glass doors which are a barrier to shoppers.

Energy savings confirmed by independent third party testing combined with over 30 years industry experience and 300,000 case installations, Econofrost is the recognized world leader for night cover products.

Euroshop Grocers, Small Shops and Specialty Markets Ideal for Night Cover Installations
Many utility companies offer rebate programs for retrofit night cover installations. With hundreds, even thousands of dollars being saved each month, Econofrost night covers are an affordable and simple solution to rising energy costs and stricter food safety regulations.

Grocery retailers, who install Econofrost night blinds on their open refrigerated merchandisers and displays report significant reductions in product discard rates, and improved overall freshness and appearance of perishable items.

The monthly energy savings and shrink reductions often pay for the entire installation within months for many independent shops and markets!

Pay a visit to our booth (#16D66) and discover how Promolux Lighting and Econofrost night covers can help you cut costs, boost sales, and increase customer satisfaction today!