Sound Leisure Ltd.

Flat Panel Loudspeaker Technology at SLR

SLR a division of Sound Leisure Ltd is pleased to confirm that they have recently acquired a General Licence from NXT which allows them to manufacture the MicroPro and MiniPro flat panel loudspeakers.

MicroPro Full Range BGM/PA Flat Panel Loudspeaker

The MicroPro formerly introduced and manufactured by Fane Acoustics Ltd is a flat construction loudspeaker with the front covered by a stylish metal grille. At no more than the size of an A4 sheet of paper, they can be used in visually sensitive areas.
Rated at only 20 watts, the MicroPro is extremely efficient and due to their surprising dispersion characteristics, fill unusually large areas of space with clean, clear non-directional sound.

MicroPro – without grille

The MicroPro may be purchased without the metal grille, this allows signage or pictures to be added to the flat panel and this can then be used for both audio (PA and/or background music ) and advertising or information signage.

MicroPro – Photoframe

This MicroPro is only rated at 5 watts and is comfortable being played direct from a laptop computer, iPod or MP3 Player without the use of additional amplification. A neat plastic frame surround can be removed to allow your favourite photo or picture to be placed in front of the panel – a wooden mounting plinth and cable connection is also supplied with this product.

MiniPro High-Power Full Range Portable Flat Panel Loudspeaker

The MiniPro, weighing less than 4 kilograms, can deliver an astonishing 114dB peak output, whilst handling 80 watts (AES). Originally designed for the mobile small band PA the MiniPro is equally at home when placed on a tripod stand to deliver clear PA to conference and seminar venues in hotels, civic buildings, churches and schools etc filling the room with ‘even’ sound so that every word is heard in every corner of the room. These lightweight flat panel loudspeakers are easy to transport (padded bags for travel protection are available) and easy to carry into those awkward venues at the top of a flight of stairs.

SLRetail will be at EuroShop 2008 Halle 5 Stand E24