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Fair-oriented solutions by dimedis

On Friday, the 22nd of February - tomorrow - EuroShop 2008 begins! At stand D34 in hall 5, dimedis is presenting its Digital Signage solution, kompas. Today, we would like to emphasize on kompas' excellent suitability for use on a trade fair. A multitude of different tasks can be realized with kompas on a trade fair:

The dynamic orientation system presents multimedia information, advertisements and event notes. It displays static and video imagery as well as dynamic contents from a database, helping visitors find their way around the site and keep up to date with what's happening on the fair right now. Content can be scheduled to appear at a certain point in time or for a certain amount of time and adjusted to the location of the display it is being shown on. External sources like the times of departure and arrival of public means of transportation are also included into the system, giving valuable information to visitors - at the right time and in the right place. The whole system can easily be controlled from anywhere through a web-based workstation.

Interactive terminals enable fair visitors to access all kinds of information. They can search for exhibitors in a database, view their personalized fair planner, access travel information via the internet and a lot more. Thanks to the integrated barcode scanners and EC card readers, it is possible to use the terminals for ticket purchase and fair registration.

Digital room signs display the room assignments for conference rooms and the likes. This happens through the use of a central database into which all booked times for any room are entered. In addition to the time, further information like the names of speakers, meeting topics or logos are also shown on the screen.

Entirely different applications, many requirements, one solution: the trade fair scenario impressively demonstrates the versatility and power of kompas.

Find out more - visit us at EuroShop in Duesseldorf. Come and talk to us!