Full Gauge Controls

FULL GAUGE CONTROLS will feature its line of refrigeration instruments at the 2008 EuroShop

Within the Euro-Concept site in Hall 16, Full Gauge Controls will participate in the 2008 EuroShop to be held from February 23 to 27 in Düsseldorf, Germany. To points of sale requiring refrigeration, the company will exhibit its thermometers, thermostats, cold storage chamber timers, counters for frozen and chilled products, and rack pressure switches. Learn more about the products:

- PCT-1600 plus: 16-output pressure switch equipped with the same number of configurable hour meters (working hours). It has three pressure transducers (control) and three temperature sensors (safety), besides six configurable digital inputs and three operation modes for the compressors. The equipment allows the configuration of day and nighttime setpoints, which provides great power savings. It is connected to Sitrad – remote management software developed and manufactured by Full Gauge Controls;
- TC-900 Ri clock: refrigeration and thawing temperature controller operating via two sensors – one for room temperature and another controlling the end stage of thawing. Its clock allows programming up to eight independent daily thaws. Connected to Sitrad;
- MT-512 Ri plus: natural thawing function by stopping the compressor and permanent ventilation. It has a control output and programmable refrigeration and thawing times. Connected to Sitrad.
“The main purpose of our participation in this traditional fair is to expand our client base in the European market, where we have been operating heavily with excellent results”, says Antonio Gobbi, Full Gauge director.