Design For Metal

FORM/FLEX-COMPOSITE-SYSTEM - Innovation in form finding

Worldwide FORMETAL and FLEXMETAL are the only handformable metals for all three-dimensional organic forms. They replace conventional metals like punch-sheet-metal, stretch-metal, wire mesh etc. Working with these materials requires a large amount of time and effort, especially for the time consuming process of finishing off the surfaces.

The ideal supplement to FORMETAL and FLEXMETAL is the FORM/FLEX-COMPOSITE-SYSTEM, which consists of the products FORMETAL/FLEXMETAL together with a special plaster-fibre paste. The composite-system supports the making of large an small forms to a large extent. Complicated constructions are no longer necessary – they can now be made by hand with FORMETAL and FLEXMETAL; Either by using a copy of an existing form or without. The finishing off is done by help of the plaster-fibre paste, which is applied very thin on to the surface of FORMETAL/FLEXMETAL. The result is an endurable and thin organic three-dimensional form, which is extremely light weighted.

Forms made with the FORM/FLEX-COMPOSITE-SYSTEM are very endurable, can resist tensions and all known plasters, rough-casts, surfacers or modelling pastes can be used for further processing. In order to colour the surface all available paints and lacquers can be used. FORMETAL and FLEXMETAL don’t rust and burn. The forms dry out over night and therefore are ready quick for further processing.

Another important advantage of the FORM/FLEX-COMPOSITE-SYSTEM is that it is almost free of smell, dust and dirt. Therefore working with the composite-system is extremely agreeable – poisons steam and bad smells do not occur. Products like styropor which harm the environment do not have to be used any longer, which also means that extra work rooms or guard-clothes are not needed. Compared to conventional methods no refuse is produced while working with the FORM/FLEX-COMPOSITE-SYSTEM – all used products are completely utilized. The removal of refuse is also easy, because the composite-system produces no pollutants and can be thrown into the normal rubbish.

According to the above mentioned reasons working with the FORM/FLEX-COMPOSITE-SYSTEM saves an enormous amount of time and due to this also enormous cost can be saved.