Design For Metal

FORMETAL - Revolutionary in the sheet-metal sector

Punch-sheet-metal, stretch-metal and wire-grating (wire-mesh), foam materials, plaster etc. have been essential in the design and decoration sector for a long time. Working with these materials requires a large amount of time and effort, especially for the time consuming process of finishing off the surface. Punch-sheet-metal is mainly used for two-dimensional decorations with an even surface, stretch-metal for slight three-dimensional forming and wire-grating for plastically forming and partitions. Now there is a new material on the market replacing all these materials - „Formetal“.

Formetal is a further development of all three customary metals, punch-sheet-metal, stretch-metal and wire-grating, thus combining them in a perfect way. It is not only decorative and multi-functional like the punch-sheet-metal but furthermore in contrast to the stretch-metal and wire-grating unrestrictably employable for three-dimensional forming. Formetal is a flat metal comparable to the punch-sheet-metal, but is as easy to process as wire-grating; and in addition allows effortless shrinking and stretching.

Formetal has been developed in order to build and present three-dimensional forms with sheet-metal. The advantages are to be found in the low weight of the material, the cost reduction due to easy and time saving handling, the bending stability, as well as in the minimal risk of ripping or breaking the material. When working with Formetal the result will be an even and perfect surface, which will need no finishing touch. Formetal allows fanciful, creative working and can easily be formed by hand. It is also suitable as a supple material and plaster support. Even the smallest and most complicated forms can be produced, copied, repaired or newly designed. Formetal is not inflammable and therefore optimum for inside applications. Figures and decorations of all kind and sizes, fancy forms, three dimensional coverings etc. are easily produced with Formetal.