Design For Metal

FLEXMETAL – Super pull-stretch-metal

Stretchmetal and wire mesh are well known materials for various branches like the form building sector as well as the art, design and decoration sector: - stretchmetal can be used for three-dimensional purposes to a certain extent (i.e. when stretching into the one direction the material pulls together in the other direction and shrinking becomes impossible), - wire mesh for rough plastic forming projects and separations. The end of 1999 the new convincing material FORMETAL appeared on the market, enabling perfect three-dimensional working. After having introduced FORMETAL there is now launched a new material – another revolution for the metal sector: FLEXMETAL.

First FORMETAL and now FLEXMETAL: What is new with FLEXMETAL? FLEXMETAL is a further development of the well known stretch metal. In contrast to stretch metal it can be used for all three-dimensional purposes almost without restriction. The unique patented structure enables a lengthwise expansion of up to 80% without shrinking in the other direction. A special structure even enables a lengthwise expansion of up to 150%. This enormous stretch behaviour makes FLEXMETAL an ideal material for three-dimensional forming. Once the material has been stretched it can easily be shrunk by pushing it together. It is therefore more easy to use than wire mesh – copying of all kinds of forms is made to easy.

FLEXMETAL has been developed to make three-dimensional working even quicker and easier. The advantages are the low weight of the material, the time-saving factor through easy handling entailing cost savings. FLEXMETAL enables detailed working and is very easy to form by hand. It is absolutely ideal as a material and plaster support for the sandwich construction, as a stiffener for other materials like cloth, foam material, felt and for copying existing forms. Also small and complicated forms can be produced, copied, repaired or be newly designed. Through its specific flexibility and low price FLEXMETAL is also interesting for the industrial and serial production as well for the house building and interior decoration branch.