Dommer Stuttgarter Fahnenfabrik GmbH

Eye-catcher on P.O.S.

The artificial flame created through a piece of cloth, moved by a ventilator and printed in red and orange colour of tire is a perfect eye-catcher for the point of sales, in shops, centers, at fairs and exhibitions as well as for companies to draw attention on their newest products. Nobody can ignore this flag of light, wind and moving cloth. The case is made of metal in silvergrey colour and build inside is the extreme noiseless ventilator as well as the spotlights, that make the fire glow. The dimensions of the product are a height of 175 cm, a diameter of 30 cm and a basic square of 40x40 cm Dommer offers that artificial flame for sale and for rental.

The flagpole windy with an integrated ventilator makes your flags fly also in indoor areas. This is a guarantee for drawing the attention of visitors on fairs, exhibitions, in shopping centres and at sales promotions. The ventilator is placed in the bottom and the pole has special holes to let the air blow to the flag. The length of the pole can be between 2 and 6 m.

A very new product of Dommer are the flexible columns made of individual printed cloth. The top and the bottom are round plastic parts and between them is the cloth material. They can be used as ceiling hangers or through adding a stick inside to be placed on the floor. This is an easy way to present individual advertisement. The Dommer company offers all different heights up to 4 m and diameter from appr. 30 cm to one meter.