Exclusive fashion brand in a fashion shop in Würzburg

Source: Schumacher

On March 18, 2010 premium fashion brand Schumacher opened its first Shop-in-Shop in Würzburg. Eliane-Moden (Eliane Fashion Boutique) expanded its 100 square meter store by an additional 60 square meters, where exclusive Women’s outerwear by Dorothee Schumacher is now being presented.

“The basic concept for the store design was the idea of a luxurious, walk-in closet“, says Schumacher ( in Mannheim. The company colors, which Schumacher describes as “nude“ (a light skin tone) and “greige“ (gray-beige) are dominating. “Harmonious Contrasts“ – this signature style from the collection also shapes the look of the store with its clean, straight design. Shop fixtures made of precious brass and classically inspired wall paneling form a contrast to surface areas made of concrete. Old, light pieces of furniture provide a feeling of uniqueness and personality. A modern steamer trunk that was exclusively designed for Schumacher is supposed to arouse wanderlust.

Schumacher believes in the strength of its merchants. Eliane Broermann, owner of Eliane-Moden (Eliane Fashion Boutique) in Würzburg, has been a trading partner from the very beginning. She runs the Schumann shop with her own staff. The store design was created by Euroshop exhibitor Heikaus ( from Mundelsheim near Ludwigsburg.

By now, Schumacher has opened more Shop-in-Shops: besides stores in Innsbruck and Lech in Austria, there are new stores in Stuttgart and Koblenz. Kuwait established an independent brand shop, and a location in Russia is also being planned.

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