Ergonomics at the cash register

Ergonomics at the cash register pays off for retailers and employees

Wide aisles in the store, customers are supposed to make their selections without hurrying. Yet at the checkout things get tight and everything is supposed to go fast. At the supermarket, cashiers scan over 80 items per minute. Stress, responsibility and repetitious motions put a strain on their health. Ergonomics at the cashier station is an investment that pays off.

Ergonomics at the cash register pays off for retailers and employees

Interview with Hanno Kallmeyer, EMEA Store Business Consultant for NCR GmbH

The big hardware manufacturers turn more and more into corporate consultants. For some time now IBM, Wincor, Toshiba or NCR are generating only a portion of their revenues with new hardware. Next to customer service, software is getting ever more important. Yet thinking about retail processes is crucial. Those who distinguish themselves as reliable, dependable, economical and strategic consultant, get new orders.

Manufacturers assist self-checkouts with analyses and strategies

Interview with Constantin Joannou-Römer, Managing Director Vensafe in Germany

In 2009 Vensafe from Norway sold 1,000 vending machines in Europe worth over 14 million Euros to retailers. According to Constantin Joannou-Römer there are 500 machines located in Germany at this point. The consumers do not receive their merchandise until they have paid at the checkout on their way to the exit. This is done to prevent theft – but Joannou-Römer mentions even more good reasons.

Vending machines already reach ROI at their acquisition