ADCON, Andrew Domarkas

Electronic Shop Assistence from Stockach

ESA stands for Electronic Shop Assistance and is an electronic presentation of products, which, combined with multimedial product information, offers considerable advantages for the consumer and the commercial sector alike.

An ADCON installed system enables the consumer to electronically control a product presentation and thereby compare the features, functions and potential applications of products of a similar kind.

This multimedial product presentation provides the buyer of, let us say, sophisticated entertainment electronics all-sensuous access to comprehensive and intensive information on a product. The multimedia demonstration not only improves perceptibility, but also provides information which is spontaneous and up-to-date and can be delivered or distributed to the Point of Sale or Point of Information with multimedia servers or via the Internet. With Electronic Shop Assistance ADCON offers a system which increases efficiency while at the same time saving costs. This new product category can be used again and again in a wide range of applications:

Entertainment electronics, AV- and multimedia- systems, lifestyle, household appliances or foodstuffs simply sell better when presented with unexpected multimedial experiences.

Architectural projects, customer care and fashion are other sales areas which can benefit from Electronic Shop Assistance.

ESA also enables a better presentation and sale of private and commercial vehicles as well as real estate, investment goods or information systems.