Electronic Call Forward

Showing the way forward in queue management, Tensator has developed a state-of-the-art electronic information display system, which effectively communicates information and instructions to waiting customers. Tensator’s Electronic Call Forward (ECF) is ideal for guiding large volumes of people, making it particularly suitable for such busy applications as crowded airport check-in desks, banks, post offices and retail outlets.

“We believe that the ECF is significant technological innovation in the effective queue management of busy crowds,” says Tensator MD Jeremy Williman. “The Call Forward system assists in the smooth running of the queuing process by showing people quickly and directly to the first available service desk and ensuring that the order in which they arrive for service, is the order in which they are served. If customers feel fairly treated, it helps avoid dissatisfaction with the waiting process. Also, where the product scores over the competition is its ability to communicate information and sales messages to a captive audience.”

Capable of covering up to 20 positions, Tensator ECF has a separate activation control for each counter to provide users with a flexible queue management system that can be easily adapted to suit a variety of queuing demands. It offers a fully programmable stereo audio with a custom voice and message capability, available in both male and female voice options with a choice of regional accents. These announcements, alert sounds and directional arrows are used to guide people in the right direction, making it particularly beneficial for the visually impaired, and ensuring that queues are dealt with in the swiftest possible manner.