You never cease to learn – not even in retail

Education & Training in Retail

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A great education is also the foundation for a successful career in retail. And just like in any other industry sector, the options are getting more and more varied. Yet even after a successful career start, you need to remember that only those, who continue their education on a regular basis and stay up to date will be successful. Especially given the changing processes in retail, lifelong learning takes on top priority.


"Retail currently needs employees who are able to add in-depth knowledge in the areas of online presence, eCommerce and online marketing"

Interview with Peter Stolpe, Director of Retail Qualifications at the Akademie Handel

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The key for small and medium-sized retailers to stay competitive despite the big online retail competition lies in going online, too. With a new postgraduate program, the Akademie Handel (English: Retail Academy) in Munich trains retail employees to face the challenges of ecommerce. Peter Stolpe, Director of Retail Qualifications at the Akademie Handel, has designed the degree program and talks about the goals and contents of these studies in this interview.


"Well-trained and motivated employees are one of the main competitive factors in the retail industry"

Interview with Christina Stylianou, Spokesperson of Netto Marken-Discount

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One of the main factors for success in retail is dedicated and competent employees. This is also true for food retail. German food retailer Netto Marken-Discount is among the Top 3 German food discounters and attaches great importance to the continuing education of its associates. In this interview, spokesperson Christina Stylianou explains which options Netto offers its trainees and employees and why qualified staff is an important factor for success.