Trautwein SB-Technik GmbH

EcoCycle, multiCycle – Systems for return of non returnable containers

Trautwein sb-technik presents its new return system for glass and PET articles and cans, developed especially for the German market.

Like the bottlecomp systems for the return of reusable bottles, these new units allow the fulfilment of different requirements in terms of shop space and quantity of containers returned.

The ecoCyle system is a compact, stand-alone unit not requiring any background technolgy. It only requires a floor space of one sqare metre. The modular design of the sysetm can be fitted with one or two receiving stations at wish. Glass, PET and cans are compressed in the unit. The input is segregated in glass on the one hand and PET and cans on the other. Two separate 240 l bins (standard dustbins) are integrated in the unit casing. The bottles are compressed in a way that one of these containers takes up 400 glass bottles or approx. 300 PET bottles. The receiving rate is about 35 bottles or cans per minute.

The multiCycle system is another module receiving non returnable bottles/cans. It is intended for large collecting points with large amounts of containers returned.

Basically, an unlimited number of collecting containers or large-size containers can be provided. These containers can be arranged horizontally as well as vertically.

The front face of the system is designed in such a way as to offer space for advertising. Programming and data read-out can be effected via MDE (closed systems) or via modem online for both systems.