Scotsman Europe Frimont S.p.A.

EVE Line

Scotsman Ice Systems has been the leading manufacturer of ice-making machines for over 50 years. Now, with its Enhanced Vertical Evaporator (EVE) range, Scotsman Ice Systems brings such a heritage into specific industrial applications, covering the storage, processing and transportation needs of the fishing, meat, poultry, dairy cheese, bread & biscuit industries, plus the many chemical, textile and mining industry applications.
Thanks to its global network of refrigeration installation, service and maintenance specialists, Scotsman has deserved a reputation of prompt and efficient technical assistance to its clients in various environments and applications. This daily effort is is now transferred to its Industrial Line.
Scotsman's complete, turn-key systems are designed by engineers that constantly sharpen their knowledge in manufacturing, installation and potential operational issues through hands-on supervision during plant installation and start-up.
Each model in the EVE range of machines is specifically designed to accommodate the many variations found in industrial applications. Land-based or on-board, using air or water (fresh or seawater) condensers, compact or split configuration, there is a model to suit any requirements.
All the adopted components simply testify Scotsman industrial line's commitment to reliability. The highest quality and durability parameters are matched and surpassed. Machine design and assembly also focus on achieving on-site ease-of-maintenance and repair.
In the EVE range of machines, quality starts with the evaporator, the heart of the ice-making system, where high-grade, AISI 304 stainless steel is used, and superior performance becomes evident even in the most challenging and extreme conditions.
So reliability and durability are granted by the use of top quality materials, such as AISI304 grade stainless steel. Equipped inside with heat exchanger and liquid sub-cooling system; base and cover in Peralluman casting. Pre-installed expansion valve or regulating valve (FTL).
An easily accessible inspection opening allows for the verification of correct reamer functions and water distribution. Models supplied with level control are built as standard with internal liquid separator. Simple and sometimes even manually operated control systems have been adopted, reducing to a minimum the risk of operational errors that may result in costly downtime and parts replacement.
All Scotsman EVE machines are certified according to the most severe regulations (CE/PED) and by the most specialised and world recognised testing laboratories (RINA, DNV)
Environmentally conscious, the EVE range units can adapt to any type refrigerant or heat transfer fluid: R22, R404a, R717.