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R22 refrigerant, widely used in the retail food sector, is being phased out as it is harming the ozone layer. As established by EC Regulation 2037/2000, from January 1, 2010, it can no longer be used in new equipment and in maintenance work unless it is recycled refrigerant. This new scenario is generating problems for those that still have systems with R22 gas.

To comply with the new directives, Epta, who has always placed considerable focus on observing eco-compatible legislation, through cutting-edge research has perfected technical solutions that meet two important requirements: respecting the environment and the need of sales outlets for business continuity, whilst keeping costs in check.

R422D refrigerant represents a valid alternative to R22. This easy-to-use HFC refrigerant is not potentially harmful to the ozone layer and can be used at mid and low temperatures.

To replace R22 refrigerant gas, Epta offers a simple, fast and reasonably priced conversion service, which can be performed in all existing sales outlets. The retrofit lasts only a few hours, does not envisage closing the store and is performed without having to shut off the system or change machine oil.

The use of R422D gas leads to numerous benefits, including a reduction in the consumption of electricity and an increase in the life cycle of the system’s components.

The Epta retrofit which uses R422D refrigerant gas, guarantees simple, fast and environmentally-friendly operations, leading to a lower operating costs.