Epta S.p.A.



Epta aims to satisfy all display-related needs of their customers, even the most demanding, as far as possible. The result is Epta Concept, a team of highly qualified staff, professionals able to offer the best support possible to customise and design the layout of individual departments: cabinets that can be easily positioned in the most suitable area of the sales outlet, solutions developed to make the best use of corners, units studied down to the finest detail to make the products inside them highly visible.

Epta Concept’s additional know-how covers different areas of expertise: designers, interior decorators, wood and steel craftsmen and project managers. This multidisciplinary team will train technical and sales staff so that the equipment provided is used to its best advantage.

Epta Concept’s objective is to guide its customers in fitting out the various areas of their sales outlets. For Epta Concept added value and differentiation go hand in hand and every business represents an opportunity to customise a shop based on the customers’ needs to attract and win over consumers.

Epta Concept developed a clear identity for different types of business, such as: delicatessens, rotisseries, pizzerias, cold-meats counters, butchers, fishmongers, bakers, pastry shops, sandwich bars, and ice-cream shops. The continuous improvement in the quality perceived by the customer must be a primary objective to achieve and maintain: this is why Epta looks carefully at the decoration, colour, lights and aesthetics of its products down to the finest detail.

Epta Concept also focuses on the profitability of its services: the team proposes interchangeable solutions, with the option to modularise as a function of the levels of rotation, alternating “cold” and “hot” rotations. Epta Concept operates according to the Group’s principles of energy saving and sustainable development and proposes display solutions able to guarantee real energy savings through the attentive choice of the materials to be used. Epta Concept also operates in full respect of hygiene and food safety regulations starting from the design of display solutions, guaranteeing both the quality and the freshness of the foods on sale. The cabinets proposed for a rotisserie department, for example, are equipped with incorporated spray to prevent the formation of bacteria.

Epta Concept values ergonomics in terms of both comfort of use and of maintenance. The team develops solutions so that the consumer can easily access the product and maintenance workers can rapidly install spare parts.