Epta S.p.A.



Epta Service is structured to provide a complete range of services and assistance characterised by a high level of competence and speed of execution as regards both the installation and the maintenance of all types of system.

Widespread geographic coverage is guaranteed by an extensive network of Service Centres, including over four hundred technicians throughout Italy, France, Germany, UK and the Middle East, which can be contacted for any request for assistance. Epta Service engineers are continuously kept updated on the latest product functions and on new legislative requirements.

As with the refrigeration units, the services provided by Epta can be customised to meet the requirements of the individual customer: from calls for assistance to more detailed solutions, such as “All Inclusive” maintenance contracts with 4-hour intervention times.

One of the strengths of Epta Service is its closed circuit monitoring service, which can also be installed in existing sales outlets, that enables the whole refrigeration system to be remotely controlled. This system, based on various control system technologies (Danfoss, Carel, Wurm, CDK), enables an alarm signal to be received in real time, immediate action to be taken on the alarm, the temperature of the cabinets to be checked and the set parameters to be checked. Thanks to closed-circuit monitoring systems, Epta can obtain reports on the alarms, temperature performance, an HACCP report and monitor energy consumption. Saving products means saving time and money.

Epta also provides services to refurbish existing units: Epta Service can retrofit cabinets by installing glass tops on cabinets for frozen food, glass doors on vertical cabinets for fresh products, high efficiency fans, can optimise the number of defrosting cycles and the length of the same for frozen food cabinets, and install LED lighting to reduce energy consumption.

In compliance with the most recent regulations, Epta Service can replace R22 gas by using R422D refrigerant, thus reducing the energy consumption of the system with the utmost respect of the environment (see paragraph g).

Epta Service also provides an advisory service to examine and analyse the layout and design of a refrigeration system: from the selection of components to the installation of refrigeration systems powered by natural refrigerants, such as Transcritical or Cascade Carbon dioxide systems (see paragraph h).