Epta S.p.A.



The introduction of new products is not limited to refrigeration units, it also regards refrigeration systems. Following the recent success of EptaGloo, the compact, configurable pack, that represents the ideal solution for medium-sized supermarkets, now it’s the turn of EptaBerg. This new pack has been designed to meet the standard needs of supermarkets and hypermarkets with large display areas.

Available with 3, 4, 5 or 6 semi-hermetic alternative compressors connected in parallel, the compressor pack can provide up to 425 kW at NT and 110 kW at LT.

EptaBerg has been designed with particular focus on maintenance, installation and handling.

With the utmost respect for the environment, EptaBerg’s designers concentrated in particular on compliance with recent European legislation aimed at reducing HFC leakage. Therefore, the pipes used in EptaBerg (as in all of Epta’s compressor packs) are pre-bended to reduce the number of joints, which are possible causes of leaks.

In cooperation with several Italian universities, structural and vibrational simulations have been conducted to establish the best positioning of the components on the frame and of the brackets themselves. Each element is secured with structural components like those used in the rail transport sector.

Epta’s extensive experience in the supply and installation of turnkey solutions makes EptaBerg the “customised” solution for all types of system.

Eptaberg’s flexibility enables it to be successfully adapted to suit the requirements of different markets and customers. Its main characteristics are as follows:

- Basic machine configuration – thanks to its modular nature, NT and LT packs can be installed stacked, optimising the space available in the machine room and can be assembled directly at the sales outlet;
- More than 50 options and accessories;
- Over 60 configurations of the interfaces to the system (incoming and outgoing manifold units);
- Different options for the oil management system;
- Preset for the assembly of an external electrical control panel on the machine;
- Easy access to all components subject to ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.