Epta S.p.A.



At Euroshop, Epta, under its brand names Costan, Bonnet Névé, BKT and George Barker, is presenting a preview (on sale from Autumn 2008) of a new and important range of cutting-edge products, both from a technical and aesthetic perspective. The company’s tremendous efforts in terms of design and innovation have meant the renewal of an incredible two-thirds of its products in just 2 years.

The new range of refrigeration units places particular attention on energy saving and respect of the environment, thanks to important innovations.

- One of these is the exclusive ADC (Asymmetric Double Curtain) technology. Supported by Epta’s extensive experience in managing double air curtains in vertical cabinets, this technology optimises the barrier between hot air and cold air, enabling the evaporation temperature to be increased, keeping consumption down and reducing the amount of cold air in the aisle.

The innovations that Epta is presenting at EuroShop regard both technological aspects and merchandising: With this new range in particular, capacity per m2 of ground space occupied is the best in the market, enabling stores to make the most of their most precious resource: display space.

- The Costan brand’s new FOREST ULTRA range has been designed along these lines, with units that offer energy saving of up to 20% less than their predecessors and an exclusive new merchandising feature on all positive temperature vertical units: the “Communication bar”, namely a space on the canopy used for communication (traditional or multimedia) with consumers.

- Bonnet Névé presents the new ENERGIA range, featuring excellent energy saving performance and a completely new, modern and attractive look.

At EuroShop, Epta will be presenting all of the innovations that will soon become part of a range destined for leadership of the various market segments.